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Tires vulcanizer

P 60

Tires vulcanizer

  1. For repairing the sidewall tyres.
  2. Vulcanizers P60 has been designed to make quality repairs on the sidewalls of car and light commercial vehicle, radial and tubeless tyres.
  3. It has a 60 minute timer, 600W heating plate and compensation cushion.
  4. The metal bearing structure is solid and space saving.
  5. We inform you that the degree of repairability of certain types of tyres is established by the tyre manufacturer.
Tires vulcanizer


Mod.WVoltHzbarNet weightHeating unit sizeMachines dimensionsPackaging dimensions
P6060023050-601042 kg13x20 cm3x8,5x10,8 cm33x57x110 cm
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