Products Inner tube and tubeless tyres test tanks

Inner tube and tubeless tyre test tank

VL 22

Inner tube and tubeless tyre test tank

  1. VL 22 tank has been designed in a very simple and functional way.
  2. Its assembly can be directly carried out by the retailer, thus enabling the tank to be shipped in small packages at very low shipping costs. It enables to test inner tubes, tubeless and radial tyres uo to 22,5" size.
  3. It is equipped with filter/lubrificator unit. 2 discharge plugs for the emptying and cleaning of the tank. The pedal control unit can be mounted either on the right or on the left side of the tanks as occasion may require.
Inner tube and tubeless tyre test tank


292029Water discharge valveOptional


Mod.Net weightMachines dimensionsPackaging dimensionsMaterials
VL22280 kg150x160x190 cm150x100x129 cmSteel with cataphoresis and powder coating
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